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Re: Former White Front stores

Post by RXSQ » 01 Jan 2010 21:48

runchadrun wrote:I read in a Wikipedia entry that the Orange Show store still had the White Front arch. I used to go to that store a lot in college but I don't remember the arch but I wasn't paying attention to that kind of thing at the time. Is there still an arch there?
The arch is long gone, but the pylon sign remains:
San Bernardino - Target, Orange Show Road

Speaking of long-gone arches (and White Front stores), here are two views from 2008 of the former Riverside, CA location:
Riverside - former White Front store, 11060 Magnolia Ave. (at La Sierra Ave.)

Riverside - the store originally sported the large "White Front" arch entryway

Over the years after White Front, the Riverside store contained an indoor skateboard park, bowling alley (Sierra Vista Lanes), small nightclub (Rustlers Inn), racquetball center, ice skating rink (La Sierra Ice Gardens), canned food store, and a pet store (Elliott's Pet Emporium) -- many at the same time. Around 1980, the large archway was re-constructed into the mansard-styled entrance seen today. The building's last major "chain store" use was as a Builders Square home center in the late 1980s. Currently, the building serves as offices for Riverside County.

Google maps aerial view of the former Riverside White Front.

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Re: White Front Stores

Post by bkress » 30 Oct 2011 18:53

Sacramento had three White Front Stores, It was my first job as a teenager, My store was at Stockton and Florin Road (the building still stands), Arden and Watt Ave (the original building was torn down) is now the Home to Safeway and other Stores and the third was at Greenback and San Juan, divided and now the Home to Safeway and other stores, What I remember most was the Big Isle down the Middle of the Store one side was the Department store the other was different special departments like Camera, TV and Stereo and Furniture, I remember White Front was the Place to buy GAF film, My parents bought our Console stereo there and my Mom's Bear Cookie Jar that she still owns that I bought before WF closed in the early 70's

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Re: White Front Stores

Post by davey » 02 Jan 2013 04:46

I remember the 1 in fresno I bought my first Elvis album there 40 years ago or my parents did I also remember the roof leaked

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Re: White Front Stores

Post by Jason B. » 04 Dec 2018 04:01

The "Fresno Bee" newspaper index has four listings on its "RETAIL STORES-WHITE FRONT" card concerning the Fresno, Calif. location:

(1) Plans $1 million store in Fresno. 10/1/64 p. 1A
(2) White Front opening tomorrow. 5/26/65 1A
(3) Ribbon cutting opens White Front. 5/27/65 6A
(4) Will open new supermarket. 5/17/66 3B

The last entry is intriguing. Did White Front stores have supermarkets within them?

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