Safeway Design 1960-Gabled Front

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Safeway Design 1960-Gabled Front

Post by tsdenver » 11 Mar 2013 22:58

Hi, I'm familiar with Safeway's Marina design but I ran across a 1960 former Safeway with a gabled front in Florence, Colorado (near Canon City in the south-central part of the state) (see image). It operated until about 1989 and is now an antique store. Is anyone familiar with this design in terms of how prevalent it was, when it was introduced, whether it was used in smaller markets, when it was phased out, what made it special, etc? Has anyone had any luck contacting Safeway directly with this type of question? Thanks

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Re: Safeway Design 1960-Gabled Front

Post by tkaye » 16 Mar 2013 14:53

They were about as common as the Marina stores. The Marina and the gable were Safeway's two standard designs during the '60s.

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