Happy Steak

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Happy Steak

Post by wulfgar64 » 08 Jun 2008 14:51

Back in the early 70s there was a chain of steak houses in Sacramento called "Happy Steak." Used to love going there. Don't remember how many locations they had, but they sure did advertise on TV. The one I went to the most was in the same mall as the old (still operating) K-Mart on Stockton Bl.

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Re: Happy Steak

Post by Daniel » 08 Jun 2008 17:19

Happy Steak was down to one location by the mid 90's, (The location at Blackstone and Clinton in Fresno) and that finally closed around 2004. There was an article in the Fresno Bee about the chain's demise at the time of the last location's closure.

On a side note, I have 2 steak platters from there that I found at a thrift shop.

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Re: Happy Steak

Post by boxboy19 » 10 Feb 2010 23:52

If it's the same chain, my wife and I used to fequent one in Colorado Springs, on Academy Blvd., in the late 80's. They had almost a fastfood type atmosphere when ordering, great prices, and spartan, albeit comfortable eating area; kind of set up like a Sizzler in concept, but better food, focused primarily on steaks, and as stated, great prices. When we went back to visit, they were gone... bummer.

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Re: Happy Steak

Post by Buckethead » 16 Dec 2011 16:00

They were in Modesto & Turlock in the 80s. IMO, the concept(fast food steakhouse) was simply too ahead of its time to maintain a huge customer base. Their steak,spud, & cheese toast was amazing. Deserved much more success than they got.

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Re: Happy Steak

Post by bkress » 23 May 2012 23:32

I remember "Happy SteaK" it was one of my Dad's favorite place to eat, some of the happy steak buildings are still around and famous example the Happy Steak on Arden way is Guy Fieri "Tex Wasabi's" Happy Steak on Kiefer Blvd is a Round Table Pizza and yes the Happy Steak building on Stockton is still there hope that helps

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