Mystery store in Dothan, AL

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Mystery store in Dothan, AL

Post by TenPoundHammer » 02 May 2012 00:09 ... _small.jpg

Any idea what this is? It's in Porter Square Mall in Dothan, AL.

It looks like Shur Valu and the Dollar General next door share a former grocery space, which is verified by a 1970s article saying there would be a grocery store at the mall.

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Re: Mystery store in Dothan, AL

Post by dooneyt63 » 02 May 2012 18:38

It was an A&P. I shopped there several times in its final years. It was among that group of
Alabama A&P's that hung on well into the 1990's, though it was one of the first to close. The
last holdout was the Evergreen, AL, store. They were part of the Atlanta Division at that time. Nearby stores in the Florida Panhandle, part of the New Orleans Division, had already closed by then, though they outlasted A&P's other Florida stores by over a decade. A&P once had a major presence in the South, even in very small towns. Grocery store and A&P were pretty much synonymous in many neighborhoods. It is most unfortunate that the company has dwindled to such a shadow of its former self.

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