A&P "A" Mart.

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Re: A&P "A" Mart.

Post by Ephrata1966 » 12 Feb 2010 22:57

Back to the grocery topic, I noticed this: in southern Delaware (or was it Maryland), lots of the Valero stations have "Stop & Shop" convenience stores. They have the same branding as the grocery chain, except the traffic light logo is slightly different. Perhaps that was an older version of the logo? Or does it signify the convenience store?

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Re: A&P "A" Mart.

Post by Toby Radloff » 14 Mar 2010 23:49

You are correct. There was a Revco adjacent to the A&P, which became a CVS and lasted until they moved across the street. Giant Eagle then expanded into the Revco/CVS space. A&P had built three of these stores in Cleveland that I know of, the Bedford one, one on Brookpark and Ridge Roads in Cleveland (could be Brooklyn) and one in North Olmsted on Lorain Road that never opened.

A&P built four new stores in the Cleveland area in the late 1970's, before they pulled out of Ohio in 1980. In addition to the previously mentioned Bedford store (later Reider's Stop-N-Shop, now Giant Eagle), the other locations were Brookpark and Ridge (later Rego's, now HH Gregg), West 65th Street (between Clark and Storer Avenues, later Rego's, then Big Lots, now Dollar Paradise), and Lorain Road in North Olmsted (which never opened as an A&P; the store was still under construction when A&P pulled out. Rego's took it over, then Giant Eagle, later it became a Goodwill store and a Save-A-Lot.)

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