New York area: Billy Blake? Food Parade?

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Post by RoleModel » 13 Feb 2010 15:49

turbocsx wrote:ok, I just found out that the former Harrows location, now aid auto stores used to be a Safeway.
Here's another Long Island Safeway, found in a nostalgia page on Facebook. The building (and pillar!) are still there 55! years later, after being a Finast and now Blockbuster.

Corner of Main Street and Phyllis Drive in Patchogue:


I also found pictures of the North Patchogue and Patchogue Village A&Ps.

Image - Main Street
Image - Sunrise Highway

Amazing finds from that Facebook group (search for "Patchogue/Medford Nostalgia" on Facebook) - especially the first and the last.

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Post by catnapped » 04 Nov 2011 08:59

Jeffrey55 wrote:Great pics, turbo. Pretty scary looking place actually, with the huge empty lot and gray skies! Wish I could decipher what it used to say on that sign, but my connect-the-dots skills have slipped...
I came across a site with some historical Suffolk County newspapers. Unfortunately, still rather limited, but they have a couple of ads for Billy Blake. Looks like the logo is slanted (italic) in two lines in what would be that sign


Really didn't have much luck finding other retailers but there were a couple of ads for the (then) grand opening of Modell's Shoppers World in Commack back in 1966.

EDIT: appears the Suffolk Life building is no more: ... e-building

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