Hollywood Ranch Market


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Hollywood Ranch Market

Post by nortongulch »

I have fond memories of the old Hollywood Ranch Market on Vine St. in Hollywood. Probably one of the first open 24 hour stores.

I don't know the policies here, but here is a link to an old photo:

I think there's an Office Depot, etc. on the site now.
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Re: Hollywood Ranch Market

Post by Groceteria »

nortongulch wrote:I don't know the policies here, but here is a link to an old photo
The policy is that when you post a picture that's that good, you have to identify it as a "really cool picture".

OK, I'm kidding. Welcome aboard.
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Post by runchadrun »

This is at Vine and Fountain? Yeah, there's an Office Depot there.

I found a site with commercial photos of the market at http://www.hollywoodphotographs.com/sea ... =-1&cat=93

Across the street there's the former Mutual Broadcasting building that's now the home of AMPAS (the Oscar people). It's also the former home of AIDS Project LA, where I did some volunteer work a few years ago. Fortunatetly AMPAS has put a lot of money into the place restoring it to its former glory.
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Post by Dave »

THose pictures show something that has always interested me - big Coca-Cola signs along the "main drag" of a city or town. It seems like back in the day, every decent sized city had a big, sort of monumental Coca-Cola neon sign like that.

Richmond had two, of different vintages and in different locations. The older one downtown at 1st and Broad survives but is no longer lit. It used to have a knife switch back in the alley to cut the sign off during blackouts, a remnant from WWII. The newer one at the south end of the Lee Bridge is long gone.

Anyway, it's one cool picture.
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Post by klkla »

The building Office Depot is in now was originally built and operated by Safeway as a Liquor Barn.

The old Hollywood Ranch Market was on the same lot but not in the same bulding as the current Office Depot.
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