NEW: St Paul and suburbs (1910/1940 - 2022)

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NEW: St Paul and suburbs (1910/1940 - 2022)

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Adding to Andrew T's amazing work on Minneapolis, I have finally completed St Paul (though I may still try to do some newspaper "fills" as I have time.

Twin Cities main page (with map): ... nneapolis/

Newly added:

St Paul: ... s/st-paul/
St Paul Suburbs: ... l-suburbs/
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Re: NEW: St Paul and suburbs (1910/1940 - 2022)

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I guess this means that the murky origins of Applebaums have been exhumed at last...along with the whereabouts of National pylons and forgotten '60s Kroger stores. I'll need a lot of time to dive into this one!
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Re: NEW: St Paul and suburbs (1910/1940 - 2022)

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Great to see as always. Although you may need to fix the link for St. Paul Suburbs - opening the actual sheet is still restricted as of now.
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