Comprehensive list of Kmart locations

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Re: Comprehensive list of Kmart locations

Post by pseudo3d » 08 Mar 2020 19:06

14500 Plank Road in Baker, Louisiana seems to be missing. I can't find proof positive it was a Kmart beyond references to Kmart Plaza, but it was discussed here (on Groceteria) as being closed in the early 1990s (as Kmart). It ended up becoming one of the stranger Albertsons out there (along with another now-defunct store in Florida) when it was redeveloped as such (new facade but kept the old ridged concrete). ... -03622673/

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Re: Comprehensive list of Kmart locations

Post by reschultzed » 10 Mar 2020 01:52

Thanks, pseudo3d! Through the online archives of the Baton Rouge Advocate, I was able to find that there was indeed a Kmart store there, which opened in April 1981 and closed in December 1990, at the same time as another previously unknown-to-me store at 2040 Church Street, Zachary, Louisiana. Those archives are deliberately hard to use for free, so maybe someone else can track down more information about the Zachary store.

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Re: Comprehensive list of Kmart locations

Post by 47of74 » 18 Mar 2020 18:34

reschultzed wrote:
31 Jan 2020 19:17
Hi there, I've been working on this spreadsheet of Kmart locations for over a year now. Combining existing store lists with information found in old newspapers, retail directories both on- and offline, and local, state and federal government databases, I've been able to pull together this list of 3,098 current and former Kmart stores. This list is intended to be totally comprehensive, containing every Kmart store that has ever existed since the brand was created in 1962, and I think it's getting very close to that goal. However, there are probably still a few stores missing from the list entirely, and hundreds of the stores that are already there are missing opening and closing dates, square footage, and more. Please feel free to use this data however you want, and don't hesitate to reach out to me with a comment if you can fill in any gaps or spot any inaccuracies. Thanks! ... RLD7g/edit
Thank you very much for posting this. I saw my old local K-Mart (4018, Dubuque, Iowa) in the list. It was remodeled a few times and I believe it was expanded too over time. It was the first Kmart in the state of Iowa. I believe it was open in 1962 though, not 1963 as listed in the sheet. After it closed the eastern part of it was used to house a new VA clinic while the western part is now a Joann fabric store. The part in the middle is still vacant.

I also saw you had the Platteville, Wisconsin Kmart in the list - both the original and "new" location. We would go up to that Kmart occasionally if we were up in the area but since Dubuque was a lot closer and had more selection that wasn't too often. I remember the Platteville store had awesome setups there for the early 80s video game systems (Atari, Intellevison, etc). The original Platteville Kmart opened in 1981 and was there until 1993 when they build a new expanded store a few hundred feet to the south after the motel built a new property and moved. The original store sat vacant until 2004 when Ashley Homestore took it over and I think U-Haul took over the "new" store and turned it into a self storage / customer service center.

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Re: Comprehensive list of Kmart locations

Post by rich » 19 Mar 2020 09:17

21000 Libby Road in Maple Heights, Ohio was a former full-line Sears

Broadview/Lindberg in Atlanta was a former GC Murphy---a relatively small store, probably 60K or less

Both were two-story locations

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