PLEASE READ BEFORE POSTING: Guidelines for this forum.

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PLEASE READ BEFORE POSTING: Guidelines for this forum.

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Please read the general rules before posting. The following are ADDITIONAL guidelines specific to this forum.

1. The forum is for posts on HISTORY and COMMERCIAL ARCHEOLOGY (the history of specific building locations, etc.) ONLY. No posts about current operations are allowed unless they DIRECTLY RELATE to a history topic.

2. Please create specific subject lines (e.g. "Safeway Locations in San Francisco" rather than general, ones like "Safeway" or "San Francisco" and stay on-topic at all times. If your post is about something other than the subject at the top of the topic, please CREATE A NEW TOPIC.

3. Please make your subjects as descriptive as possible. If you're looking for information about a specific location or chain, include the name of the chain or the address of the location in your subject.

4. Please do not create posts that are basically long strings of photos with no real commentary attached. And if you have numerous photos to post, consider merely posting LINKS to the photos, as a courtesy to those with slower connections.

5. Please post only items that primarily relate to areas OUTSIDE the USA. If there is overlap with another area, please post to the forum that seems most appropriate, or use the "non region-specific" forum.