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Red and White

Post by Crepehanger »

What does anyone know about them? Were they the same model as IGA?
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Re: Red and White

Post by Edric Floyd »

Crepehanger wrote:What does anyone know about them? Were they the same model as IGA?
I think they were. I have seen many small town Red and White change into either IGA or a franchise of Piggly Wiggly.

In Forsyth Georgia, there was a Red and White that turned into a Piggly Wiggly after the Piggly Wiggly (owned Southern/Bruno's Ahold) in the same town was closed. That store is also now closed.

And there is a tiny Red and White store in the tiny town of Marshallville, GA...about 40 miles southwest of Macon.

A "Red and White" in the town of Saluda, SC is now a Piggly Wiggly
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Post by jamcool »

Alfred M Lewis on the West Coast sold Red & White brand products...apparently they were the franchisee for the West
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Post by danielh_512 »

For a short time after the Fleming collapse, Super Kmart began selling Red & White brand private label merchandise. They have since switched to the Best Yet line (and returned some of their own under the American Fare name). To my knowledge, this cooperative was like IGA, but mainly only in the South. I don't know if any Red & Whites still exist today or not.
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Post by rich »

In the past, Red & White had a significant presence in the Midwest. They supplied a number of small chains in Ohio like Nitti's in Cleveland, as well as independents. Their HQ used to be listed as being Chicago. I've seen the brand in tha past couple years, but couldn't tell you where.
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Post by Dave »

As far as I know, Burris' Red & White is still there in Hatteras, NC.
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Post by tkaye »

I know that there were Red & White stores here in the Seattle area during the '40s and '50s... some of them may have even lasted a little longer than that. Most of them that I am aware of changed over to the Shop-Rite banner in the early '60s.
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There used to be a small grocery wholesaler in Oklahoma named Tyler and Simpson Grocery Wholesalers who sold groceries to small independent grocery stores here in Oklahoma. I can remember 2 Red and White Grocery Stores that are no longer in business that were located in Guthrie, Ok. and another in Purcell, Ok.

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As far as I know, Red and White seems to be a supplier for independent grocers in small communities that chains like IGA will not even venture to. There is another Red and White twelve miles away in South Mills, NC, and like Burris' (you guessed it), it's in a pretty small town.

Post by Cheer-wino »

I have a recent (sorta) picture of a Red & White so my pardon digging up this old post...this one is in Durham, NC, picture was taken in 2004. I'm not sure if it is still in business.
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Post by justin karimzad »

There was a Red & White market in the Moonlite shopping center at 2610 El Camino Real in Santa Clara, CA that opened in the early 1960s. This became Fry's before the end of the 1960s, and later, Save Mart.
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Post by buckhead »

In the 60's and 70's, Red and White stores were all over Middle and South Georgia and in South Carolina as well at the very least. In the Savannah and Charleston areas, they had quite a number of stores, and over that way were NOT just relegated to small towns. As stated earlier, one did typically find them in smaller towns for the most part. I remember the one in Forsyth, Georgia quite well. I used to stop there on the way to Florida. They also had stores that lasted into the 90's or so in Union Point, Madison, Gray, and some towns near Augusta, among others.

As far as the Red and White brand on products, one could find them at Red and White stores as well as other independent grocers and some chains. When I lived in Florida, in the early days of the (Winn-Dixie) Table Supply experiment, that chain sold Red and White Products rather than the Winn-Dixie house brands. I think I also saw them at Xtra (the warehouse stores run by Pueblo International) and maybe at Save'n'Pak stores, too. I was digging through my pantry, but could find no products with the label, but I do recall that the distributor was listed as Federated Foods out of Arlington Heights, Illinois. Web link for Federated is provided below. Maybe they can provide further insight.

Photo here:

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Post by jimbobga »

At a point in the early eighties, Red and White opened five stores in the Savannah area. All of the stores were in former Winn-Dixie stores. Winn-Dixie, after having only three stores in Savannah until about 1979, built two new stores and then quickly left the Savannah area due to "advertising costs." When Red and White opened, they acted, advertised, and promoted themselves as a large chain rather than a group of independents, and the stores had no other name attached to them other than "Red and White." Over the next few years, the stores started to close, and those remaining open relegated the round Red and White sign to a side wall with the owner's name being the main store name "up front." As of 2007, only one Red and White remains. This is a location at Habersham Village Shopping Center in the busy medical center/midtown area. It thrives due its location in the center of a large residential area and has no competition in the immediate area. The store has been recently remodeled, but it is still easy to tell the building is a fifties-era Winn Dixie that was built right up next to the street rather than in the middle of a parking lot. I was in the store last year, and while they do carry some Red and White brand name products, these are few and far between, and it seems as though the Red and White name is trying to be forgotten. Although the store says "Jones Market" out front, people have for years still called it "the Red and White."
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Post by storewanderer »

C&S seems to be the supplier for this concept now. The R/W private label brand disappeared once C&S got the rights to the Fleming Best Yet brand when Fleming collapsed.
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Post by Groceteria »

In case anyone's interested, I posted some pictures of an ancient mid-block Red & White from Zebulon NC on the site today. I took these in 2001, and I'm told the store is closed now:
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