Last Longs Interior Store - Rite Aid- Washogual, WA

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Last Longs Interior Store - Rite Aid- Washogual, WA

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The last drug store I know of with a Longs interior is the Rite Aid in Washogual, WA.

If anyone is interested in seeing it, they should visit it by 12/5/23.

This store had the early 00's Longs interior which was very outdated dirty off cream color looking walls and ugly giant lower case department letters and a bunch of outdated looking product photos on the walls.

The store is in Longs configuration still. A handfull of aisles are removed but in general the store is pretty much unchanged. They removed some center aisle displays to put in an area to administer vaccines as there was not ample space at pharmacy to do this since Longs built pharmacies so small/so poorly.
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