NEW: Battle Creek, 1926-1995

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NEW: Battle Creek, 1926-1995

Post by Groceteria » 21 May 2019 21:29

For your Tuesday night browsing pleasure. Presumably the full range of Kellogg's products was available here: ... tle-creek/

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Re: NEW: Battle Creek, 1926-1995

Post by Andrew T. » 21 May 2019 22:54

It's splendid to see more western Michigan content! I've driven through Battle Creek a number of times, but I was always in a hurry and never did much sightseeing. Now I can see what I missed out on.

National seems to have had an erratic existence in every Michigan city it tried to operate in, and Battle Creek was no exception. As usual they showed up late, bought out a local outfit to give them a toehold (in this case, Dole's); did little in the way of subsequent store development, threw disparate brands and concepts against the wall (Big D), and withdrew in defeat.

There are two well-preserved Kroger superstores in Battle Creek: One at 100 S. 20th St, and an early specimen at 166 E Goodale Av. Neither was a Kroger for very long. Indeed, the chain appears to have pulled out of Battle Creek and Grand Rapids simultaneously as part of a larger western Michigan withdrawal in the early 1980s.

As far as older stores go, there's an early 1950s Kroger at 375 Capital Ave NE with side buttresses, a smokestack, and no sign of ever being expanded. The early 1950s A&P at 212 E Michigan Ave is similar in size, and particularly well-preserved. It also appears to have been the last new store in Battle Creek that A&P ever built!

Battle Creek's honorary "Frankenstein Store" award goes to the circa-1940 Kroger at 410 W. Michigan Ave. It was later reoccupied by National, and National appears to have expanded it on the side, expanded it in the rear, and turned the tail end of the store into a new front! Meanwhile, the original front end has been sealed and plastered over with a bizarre stucco pastiche of a storefront. At least the side of the building still looks OK...

Also interesting that Jewel worked their way here in the 1980s, in between their two Milwaukee stints.
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