Gable Safeway(?) in Richland, WA

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Gable Safeway(?) in Richland, WA

Post by ajsanjua » 30 Jan 2009 15:12

I also spotted this interesting piece further down Jadwin Ave. in/near downtown Richland, WA. I suspected at first that this was a c. late 1960s-1970's gable Safeway, but a few elements seem to be out of place, at least when looking at a 'normal' Safeway, esp. the front rather than side doors, plus the roof not being high enough, the gable's angle too shallow and only two rows of glass-plate windows rather than the usual three. Was it just a different Safeway design or (more probably) that of another chain?


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Re: Gable Safeway(?) in Richland, WA

Post by Jeff » 30 Jan 2009 15:54

Looks like an old Albertsons store to me.

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Re: Gable Safeway(?) in Richland, WA

Post by romleys » 31 Jan 2009 02:12

I agree with you Jeff looks more like an Albertsons...
Charles H:)

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Re: Gable Safeway(?) in Richland, WA

Post by storewanderer » 31 Jan 2009 04:25

I think Albertsons.
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