Safeway in Gibraltar

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Safeway in Gibraltar

Post by runchadrun »

I just got back from a European vacation and stumbled across, albeit from a distance, a Safeway in Gibraltar. It's part of the UK version of Safeway, so it's owned by Morrison. I only got pictures of the sign from very far away so it didn't turn out but I did find a picture at ... /img/3.jpg
From where I was, I could only see the sign on the back of the store and it did appear that there was construction was going on around the store, perhaps it was being expanded.

Does anyone know the history of this store, such as how it ended up in Gibraltar to begin with? Was it part of the chain before 1986 when the UK division was sold?
Nic UK

Re: Safeway in Gibraltar

Post by Nic UK »

The Safeway store in Gibraltar was never part of the UK Division of Safeway Inc. The store was originally a branch of 'Liptons' an established supermarket chain in England.

Many of the large British high street chains have branches in Gibraltar, including Marks and Spencer, BHS, Dorothy Perkins, and Morrisons.

Liptons (and Presto) were the trade names of Argyll Stores, the company which purchased Safeway Stores Ltd in the 80s. The larger Lipton and Presto stores then transferred to the Safeway fascia. So that's the story! In 2009, the unit trades as Morrisons.
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