Bestway, Walker Ave, Greensboro NC upgrade

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Bestway, Walker Ave, Greensboro NC upgrade

Post by sherrygizmo » 05 Jan 2009 09:04

Estimated $250K in upgrades to Bestway (former A&P.... city's longest continuously run grocery store)
on Walker Ave in Greensboro, NC have begun. Plans are for new floor, new coolers, new frozen-food cases and new shelving... Plans to bring in a better assortment of items - including locally grown produce - as well as hire a butcher to resurrect the store's old meat market in the back. ... ay_to_stay

Nancy and Roger Kimbrough have bought the Bestway, the seven-aisle grocery store at The Corner, the place of many names.
The Kimbroughs bought Bestway last month. You already can tell the difference. There are already three new fancy cash registers
Since 1947, there's always been a grocery store at the elbow of Walker and Elam. First, it was an A&P. Back then, employees wore hats and uniforms. ..... And it's considered the city's longest continuously run grocery store.

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Re: Bestway, Walker Ave, Greensboro NC upgrade

Post by ajsanjua » 10 Jan 2009 11:19

It's good that some people care enough about that old store to fix it up and perhaps keep it in operation for another few decades. If only more businessmen and women cared enough about our supermarkets....

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