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Re: Stouffer's Restaurants

Post by buckhead » 20 Oct 2008 03:26

Atlanta had at least one location downtown. I believe it was on the street level of the Cotton States Insurance least alive into the late 70's and maybe even later. Since that building was relatively new, it is possible that it was a relocation from another downtown site. IIRC, Stouffer's also operated at one time the restaurant in the old tower of the Atlanta Merchandise Mart; that restaurant went by the name Top of the Mart.

Stouffer's also had their nameplate on hotels around the Atlanta metro area, the last one being at Cobb Galleria. That hotel became a Renaissance and later a Wyndham property. I'm not sure what the restaurants inside were. I think there was at least one property close to downtown that sported the name as well, but not so sure about that. Stouffer's was the original operator of the Pine Isle Resort at Lake Lanier, but again, I'm not sure what branding they had for their restaurants.

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Re: Stouffer's Restaurants

Post by NEGrocRep » 31 Oct 2008 13:55

Back in the 70's, Stouffer's used "The Top Of" in the names of many of their resturants throughout the US. Boston: Top of the Hub, NYC: Top of the Sixes, etc. I worked for the frozen food division back then and one of the perks of the job was a red Stouffer's card that allowed us to eat at any Stouffer's resturant for free. There was a limit as to how much of a bill you could run up in a month, but I can't remember the amount. The catch was that as employees of Stouffer's we were required to fill out a detailed evaluation of our meal, the service, the overall dining experience. These were sent back to the resturant division in Solon, OH for review by management. This was considered part of our job, we were expected to utilize the card to entertain customers primarily, but we could also use it with family and friends.
It was one of the best perks I ever had with any job I've held. As I was lworking for them in the Boston area I naturally took advantage of dining at the Top of the Hub resturant on top of the Prudential Center in downtown Boston. Every year for his birthday in June, I would take my Dad to a late lunch/early dinner then to a Red Sox game (you could walk to Fenaway Park) as a birthday present. They were always great times.

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