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Gino's conversions

Posted: 06 Nov 2012 18:06
by Ephrata1966
After Roy Rogers bought Gino's in Philadelphia and Baltimore, did all the Gino's-Roy Rogers conversions become Hardee's? Or was it just some of them? I'm not 100% sure but I think the restaurant that started as Gino's in Wayne, PA eventually was a Boston Market, and it definitely was a restaurant called "Winds of East" (not sure what cuisine that was) as of the past few years. Now it's a Cosi.

The Gino's in Clifton Heights, PA is a Burger King now, and has been since the 80's I think. I'm not sure if it was anything else in between or not. Strangely, it was remodeled to disguise the Gino's roof (from the front anyway), but the Gino's in nearby Upper Darby also was replaced by Burger King, yet its former Gino's identity is obvious. Ironically, a Boston Market is across from the Clifton Heights site. The only other Boston Market I can think of that's still open is the one in Paoli, which I think was never a Gino's.

I also saw an Einstein Bros Bagels (that chain has largely disappeared from Greater Philly) in Waldorf, MD which also appeared to be a former Gino's. The Gino's in Newtown Square, PA was a Boston Market but now is a "Hot Spot Diner". There had been a Gino's in front of Granite Run Mall in nearby Media, which later was Boston Market, then was torn down for a McDonald's. I'm not sure why but the McDonald's that had just opened inside the mall in 2002 ended up closing around 2005 (if not earlier) in time for the freestanding one to open. There had been a Burger King in the mall until 2002 which closed and is still empty, and its entrance is right now blocked by vending machines. Not 100% sure but I don't think the Boston Market in Kennett Square, PA was ever a Gino's. Later this one was a Hills Seafood store (part of a chain which has had Media and Newtown Square locations for a very long time, and is also in Exton now) which recently moved to half of a former Wawa in Glen Mills. Hills shares this space with a Great Harvest Bread shop, part of a chain whose first area location was in Wayne, and more recently added one in Newtown Square.

Gino's in Jeffersonville, PA (across from the very first Genuardi's which closed this year) and Lumberton, NJ are Dunkin' Donuts today, and so was one in Trevose, PA which now is a used car dealership.

Re: Gino's conversions

Posted: 30 Nov 2012 20:22
by J-Man
I remember when I moved to Northern VA in 1978 I was surprised to find that Gino's were also KFC franchisees. And when Gino's went under, there were surprisingly few remaining KFC stores in the area because of Gino's dominance.

Re: Gino's conversions

Posted: 03 Dec 2012 21:41
by Ephrata1966
Could the Bojangles (in the parking lot of a small Safeway from 1976) in Upper Marlboro, MD have been a Gino's? I wonder because the building in Reading PA that once was a Gino's is a Bojangles now, and Upper Marlboro isn't far from Waldorf where the Gino's became an Einstein Bros Bagels. I also wonder if the CVS next to this Safeway used to be anything else, perhaps a Peoples Drug. There also was a Food Lion down the street in Marlton that I suspect may have started as a 1980s Safeway.