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Re: Target '90s neon

Post by RPAmesandKmartan26 » 03 Apr 2018 21:09

Speaking of 90s Neon, I have someting to say about this topic

Speaking of Target stores with 90s neon, I remembered when the Target stores in Smithfield RI and North Attleborough MA locations had the 90s Neon on their walls. I only seen North Attleborough with 90’s neon once in 2010 and the one I seen the most with the 90’s neon is the Smithfield location until they remodeled to the PFresh Concept in 2012.

Luckily I was able to get a store tour of the Maryville TN location on 800 Walkins Rd which still has the 90’s neon in 2018. This store looks like a time capsule in Target’s timeline. I felt like this store looked like the North Attleborough before PFresh. Also, Maryville looks very Similar to North Attleboro but still remains unremodeled to this day. This Target is pretty much a clone of the North Attleboro store.

The Target in Lancaster OH on 1300 River Valley Blvd also has the 90’s neon but it’s a smaller store. It looks almost like North Attleboro but it’s mirrored and smaller and the layout in the front is a little different as well. They do not sell Groceries. They do have a neon Guest Services and Food Avenue signs though. They also have the old 90’s Cash Registers still in use. The Jewelry Counter is located

My local Target stores has the 2000’s white neon but I was told by a team member that the Lincoln location was getting rid of their white neon and remodeling to the new “Store of the Future” Concept and will be the first Target in RI to remodel to the new “Store of the Future” concept but sadly, it's only Partical. They are remodeling again in 2020.

Lancaster OH opened July 19, 1995 and Maryville opened March 1, 2000. Both stores still has neon. Lancaster OH has Food Avenue and Maryville has Food Avenue Express. Also, Lancaster was one of the smaller stores to open in 1995 and has been this way for almost 23 years and 18 years for Maryville. Lancaster doesn't have a Grocery Section but has a "Candy & Snacks" Section instead. Maryville has a Market section and both stores do not sell Fresh groceries as at the time, only Super Targets and Target Greatlands had Fresh Groceries. Smaller General Merchandie stores stores got Fresh Groceries for PFresh in 2009.

Maryville also has Red Guest Service neon next to the store enterance and Lancaster has their Guest Service in front of the Registers and has Blue Guest Service Neon instead.

I think the 90's neon looks cooler than the 00's neon

Lincoln has the White Neon on Red. They are getting rid of the rest of this neon during their major redesign in 2020.

Here's all the Target locations I've seen 90s neon inside:

- Seekonk MA (79 Commerence Way) (White, Red, Green, and Blue Neon on White) (Remodeled to 2008 package after visit) (Visited in 2005-2008) (Opened in 07/25/2001)*
- North Attleboro MA (1205 S Washington St) (Red, Blue, Green, and Yellow Neon on White) (Visited in 2010) (Remodeled to PFresh in 2011ish) (Opened in 07/21/1999)*
- Smithfield RI (371 Putnam Pike Ste A-250) (White, Red, Green, and Blue Neon on White) (Remodeled to PFresh in 2012) (Visited from 2003ish-2012) (Opened 03/06/2002)*
- Lancaster OH (1300 River Valley Rd) (Red, Blue, Green, and Yellow Neon on White) (Visited March 3, 2018) (Has Food Avenue) (Opened 07/19/1995) **
- Maryville TN (800 Walkins Rd) (Red, Blue, Green, and Yellow Neon on White) (Visited March 5, 2018) (Has Food Avenue Express) (Opened 03/01/2000) **

* Visited during my Childhood
** Visited recently in last month

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