JCPenney mall locations

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Re: JCPenney mall locations

Post by jimbobga » 02 Jun 2013 00:24

The J. C. Penney's in Lakeshore Mall in Gainesville started out at the end of the mall, but ended up in a position in the center of the mall without ever moving. When the mall expanded, the addition was built onto the opposite side of Penney's mall entrance. This caused mall shoppers to enter Penney's, go to the middle of the store, take a 90-degree left turn, walk 100 feet, take a 90-degree right turn and then exit the store to enter the rest of the mall. In this manner, J. C. Penney started out at the end of the mall and became a center anchor without ever moving.

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Re: JCPenney mall locations

Post by 47of74 » 09 Jun 2013 15:04

Kennedy Mall in Dubuque originally had Younkers, Roshek's, and Montgomery Ward as their anchor tenants. JC Penney was originally downtown on Main Street next to the American Trust Building. In the early 80s Roshek's was closed and replaced with Armstrong's Department Store. Montgomery Ward pulled out of Dubuque at about the same time. JC Penney left downtown Dubuque and took over the old Montgomery Ward space in Kennedy Mall and have continued there to the present day. After Armstrong's closed Sears also left their old South Locust store and moved up to the Mall, taking over the south half of the former Armstrong's space. Younker's took over the north half for an expanded men's department along with housewares and furniture.

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