Northern California Department Store Chains

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Post by hushpuppy212 » 05 Jun 2007 00:48

Since you brought up defunt Northern California retail chains, I'll have a go at it:

The Emporium (San Francisco and a dozen or so branches)
Capwell's (Oakland and 5 branches)
City of Paris (San Francisco and 3 branches)
Kahn's (Oakland and Concord) became Rhodes in 1960
Rhodes (Oakland, Concord, Sacramento, Mtn View) became Liberty House in late 1970's
Liberty House (San Francisco, Oakland and 6 branches)
O'Connor & Moffatt (became Macy's in 1947)
Albert's (San Rafael and Richmond). Bought by Macy's in 1952
Hale's (San Francisco, Oakland and branches)
The White House (San Francisco & Oakland)
Hink's (Berkeley)
Levy Bros (San Mateo, Burlingame, Redwood City, Half Moon Bay, Foster City)
Hart's (San Jose)
Lowe & Zwerlein (San Mateo)
Weinstock's (Sacramento)
Ford's (Pacific Grove)

And the following fashion stores, based in San Francisco, all with multiple branches:

Joseph Magnin
Livingston Brothers
H. Liebes
Roos Bros
Robert Atkins

And home furnishings:

Breuner's (Oakland & branches)
Jackson's (Oakland)
Nathan Dohrmann (San Francisco)

Okay guys, what did I miss?

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