All Pay'n Save's in Seattle as of 1980! From old ad!

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All Pay'n Save's in Seattle as of 1980! From old ad!

Post by crainbebo » 25 May 2009 16:44

In 1980, Pay 'n Save had 26 locations. These locations were in:

Downtown Seattle
4th and Pike (Closed Sun.)

Aurora Village
Lake Forest Park
University Village
University Way

Westwood Village

Rainier Ave.
Rainier Beach

Factoria Square
Evergreen Village-Bellevue
Mercer Island
Totem Lake-Kirkland

Auburn North
Kent-East Hill
Renton Highlands
Sea-Tac Village

Were all of these changed to Rite Aids? What were the addresses? Pay 'n Save did not list addresses in this ad except for 4th and Pike.

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Re: All Pay'n Save's in Seattle as of 1980! From old ad!

Post by Brian Lutz » 26 May 2009 12:45

I can account for most of the Eastside locations on the list:

Redmond (Bear Creek Village shopping center, opened 1975) - Still operating as Rite Aid
Bellevue (Downtown Bellvue, opened in late 1962) - Still operating as Rite Aid
Factoria Mall (opened 1977) - Still operating as Rite-Aid
Evergreen Village (Approx. 140th and Bel-Red Road) - I think this one may have closed some time ago, prior to the Payless-Rite Aid merger. I believe this is a Staples now.
Mercer Island - There is a Rite Aid store on Mercer Island, but it doesn't look much like any Pay N Save store I'm familiar with. This might have opened later as a Payless (Streetview link)
Totem Lake - Operated as Rite Aid up until early 2007, closed when Rite Aid moved to a nearby freestanding store. Vacant, along with most of the remainder of Totem Lake Mall.

I believe that there's at least one store that opened as a Payless Drug in Bellevue while Pay N Save was still operating (an ad I have in my files from 1977 shows a downtown Bellevue Payless at the location currently occupied by Toys 'R Us, and an Overlake location that's too blurry for me to read on my photo, but I think it might be the current Rite Aid store next to the Overlake Safeway.) I also believe the Eastgate Plaza Rite Aid probably opened as a Payless as well, but can't confirm this.

Edit: Figured out where the Evergreen Village location was. Added info above.
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Re: All Pay'n Save's in Seattle as of 1980! From old ad!

Post by marshd1000 » 26 May 2009 16:17

I will update you on the two Westside Pay 'n Save locations. The Westwood Village location made the transition to Rite Aid until the mall was renovated. At that point, Rite Aid remained a tennant at Westwood Village but built a free standing location. The Burien location was sold to Bartell Drugs when PayLess Drugs bought Pay 'n Save as the PayLess was in a adjacent strip mall. Since then Bartell's moved to Burien Town Plaza since the former Pay 'n Save location was torn down to be part of Burien Town Square, a mixed use retail and residential development.

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Re: All Pay'n Save's in Seattle as of 1980! From old ad!

Post by bm10k » 26 May 2009 18:35

The Ballard Pay 'n Save was torn down in 1999-2000
and a Safeway was build in its place

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Re: All Pay'n Save's in Seattle as of 1980! From old ad!

Post by tkaye » 06 Jun 2009 13:47

The Fourth & Pike location downtown (in the ca. 1917 Joshua Green Building) was the very first Pay 'n Save founded by Monte L. Bean in 1947. It survived as a PayLess and a Rite Aid until last fall when the descendants of Joshua Green, who still own the building, decided to undertake a massive renovation and chose not to renew the drug store's lease. (Joshua Green founded the Black Ball ferry line, predecessor to today's Washington State Ferries. He also owned Peoples National Bank, which was purchased by U.S. Bank in 1988.)

The only Rite Aid remaining in Downtown Seattle is at Third & Columbia, which I believe Pay 'n Save acquired as part of its 1987 purchase of G.O. Guy.

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