Jewel T in Southern California


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Re: Jewel T in Southern California

Post by adnorwood » 11 Jun 2012 15:10

quote="OCRedCub"]There was a Jewel-T store in La Habra, CA on the southwest corner of Beach Blvd. and La Habra Blvd. I remember shopping there as a kid. It was the first warehouse-type chain around. I remember having to pack your own groceries in the recycled cardboard boxes they provided.
The location is now a Salvation Army store (I think!)[/quote]

There was also another location, one that I remember in Los Angeles. It was on La Brea and Rodeo Road in a little shopping center. It was around the time of they used to give out Blue Chip trading stamps when you shopped. I was a really no frills store with great prices. The one thing I remember from this store was the raisin bran cereal. The box was full to the top and it tasted great with loads of raisins. They had other good items but that one stuck in my memory. I like Jewel T, wish they had stuck around longer.[

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