SoCal Grocery Chains - Ethical-Unethical


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SoCal Grocery Chains - Ethical-Unethical

Post by bobnorth » 27 Dec 2011 00:34

I worked in the SoCal grocery industry from 1967-1985, and thereafter was affliiated with the industry in various ways at store level until 1993. I enjoyed the job tremendously, and although it wasn't the best pay, Retail Clerks Locals 324 and 770 at least kept our heads above water. It was an honorable job then, even dignified (without Walmart), and generally the store managers were decent people. It was an era when grocery store employment was a good place to be, and we were a genuine part of the community. But times changed, companies merged, and buyouts happened. I hope to garner a general feel from readers of their best, and worst experiences while working in the industry. While you were employed in the industry, which company do you feel was the most ethical, and the least ethical? Fond memories?

my vote: most ethical - Market Basket
least ethcial - Ralphs
fond memory- arriving at 5 am for the morning crew shift, looking up in the starry
sky to see a comet.

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