Lucky in Larkspur, CA


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Lucky in Larkspur, CA

Post by storewanderer » 13 Aug 2011 14:13

Does anyone know if this is an old Alpha Beta or an old Lucky? The layout matched Alpha Beta. The decor and condition of the place matched the downtown Petaluma unit (which is NOT an old Alpha Beta).

No bakery.

Small deli against the side wall with no fryer; the hot food consists of hot dog rollers. No wall signage noting this deli. It looks like some sort of addition.

The pharmacy was most interesting. It is in the next tenant space over, detached from the store. The pharmacy has what looks like Jewel-themed signage and flooring, so it looks like this was there under Albertsons. I have not seen any detached pharmacies in any other NorCal Albertsons Stores. I am wondering if this store was actually a small freestanding Sav-On prior to Albertsons exiting NorCal and if so why it did not become a CVS.
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Re: Lucky in Larkspur, CA

Post by romleys » 14 Aug 2011 11:28

It was an Alpha Beta. It was quite a unique exterior for them too...
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