The Market Basket Chain-San Diego Area-1959


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The Market Basket Chain-San Diego Area-1959

Post by Jason B. » 09 Feb 2011 04:56

The San Diego Union of November 12, 1959 included an advertisement for "The Market Basket" supermarket chain. The slogan was
“The MARKET BASKET” – “WE PUNCH MORE OF THE SMALL KEYS at the MARKET BASKET”. A photo in the ad showed the "keys" (or buttons) of a cash register that apparently was from that era.

The main item featured in the ad was spareribs for 39 cents per pound. Van de Camp baked goods were touted, with the caveat, “Special Van de Camp values at our Lake Murray and Solana Beach stores only.”

The Market Basket locations in the ad were:
(1) Ocean Beach – 4967 Newport Avenue;
(2) Lake Murray - 6145 Lake Murray Blvd. “Village Shopping Center”;
(3) Solana Beach – 140 S. Sierra;
(4) La Mesa - Jackson & La Mesa Blvd. “In the Mart”'

Does anyone know what became of this chain?

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Re: The Market Basket Chain-San Diego Area-1959

Post by enginecapt » 11 Feb 2011 16:20

Market Basket was Kroger's So Cal presence. They were sold to Ralphs back in the early eighties IIRC, only to have Ralphs become part of the Kroger family some years later.

The former Market Basket in San Clemente (the only place I was able to find fresh scrapple back in the sixties and seventies) is now a DMV.
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Re: The Market Basket Chain-San Diego Area-1959

Post by submariner » 13 Feb 2011 09:38

4967 Newport Avenue: Subdivided into smaller shops.

6145 Lake Murray Blvd: Ross Dress For Less store.

140 S. Sierra: Gone, presumably the dirt lot.

Jackson & La Mesa Blvd: C&C Glass Shop.
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