Zanottos San Jose (Foxworthy Shopping Plaza)


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Zanottos San Jose (Foxworthy Shopping Plaza)

Post by umtrr-author » 14 Jul 2010 20:34

On our recently completed trip to San Jose, I happened upon a supermarket called Zanottos, which is located in the Foxworthy Shopping Plaza at the intersection of Foxworthy and Cherry, in what I guess would still be the Willow Glen section of town.

I had asked my in-laws if they knew anything about it and they had a few possible tidbits, which just got me more curious. First, that the store was a PW, and second, that Zanottos was originally over on Lincoln Avenue (which, for non-natives like me, is a old-style shopping district "main street" in the Willow Glen section).

Does anyone have any history of the building and/or Zanottos? It seemed to be one of those increasingly rare neighborhood markets. I did have a look at their website, which shows three markets including the Foxworthy Avenue building.

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Re: Zanottos San Jose (Foxworthy Shopping Plaza)

Post by GCH1136 » 12 Sep 2011 01:24

PW Supermarkets had a store in the Foxworthy Shopping even before I came to San Jose in 1967. Several years ago, PW changed the name of their store and called it "Foxworthy Foods." That was a completely scaled down version of the original PW, because they still were subject to a lease. When PW went out of business last year, they closed all of their stores, including that one.

Zanotto's has two stores at the present time. The oldest one is located at Bascom and Naglee in San Jose. That is primarily a family run store with members of the Zanotto family working in the store most every day of the week. I know many of the Zanotto's, who I think had other markets at one time, too. The other store is the one in the Foxworthy Plaza location. Zanotto's did have a store in downtown San Jose on South 2nd Street, but it closed this year. Zanotto's plans to open up a deli only location in downtown San Jose on South 1st Street in the very near future.

I do not remember Zanotto's ever having a store on Lincoln Avenue in Willow Glen. However, Zanotto's was once interested in the vacant former Albertson's Store at Bird and Minnesota in Willow Glen, located not that far from Lincoln Avenue to the west. But, nothing came of that for Zanotto's. The found a spot for a store in the current location at Cherry and Foxworthy Avenue in San Jose, the Foxworthy Shopping Plaza store.

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