Vintage "Bargain Basket Markets" to be Revamped


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Vintage "Bargain Basket Markets" to be Revamped

Post by Joe » 07 Jul 2010 14:24

The last surviving store of the "Bargain Basket Markets" in southern California is about to be completely revamped and will receive a new facade and interior as it is transformed into a contemporary Northgate Market. The Placentia, California, supermarket was opened in 1960 and is the last of a fledgling chain of stores that grew to five locations and then stopped growing during the 60s due to partnership issues. The facade, color scheme and neon signage are virtually unchanged from opening day in 1960, save for spruce-up painting in past years. The neon "Bargain Basket Markets" signage (note the plural reference to what was once a small chain) will soon come down forever, as the new Northgate owners have erected banners on the facade announcing that the market is going to be transformed into a Northgate location. Sad to see a familiar exterior change after 50 years, but overall the market is in need of updating. Walking inside almost feels that one is back in the 60s. I was there on opening day as a young boy and have shopped in the market on countless occasions over the decades. Farewell "Bargain Basket Markets."

Jason B.
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Re: Vintage "Bargain Basket Markets" to be Revamped

Post by Jason B. » 08 Jul 2010 02:59

Are there any photos available of this store?

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Re: Vintage "Bargain Basket Markets" to be Revamped

Post by Larcor » 21 Jun 2011 10:58

I owned the Village Market in Fullerton, located at Commonwealth & Basque. During

the early 70's I hired a good friend Lee Christenson as a part-time meat cutter. He

worked full-time as a meat cutter for the Bargain Basket in Placentia.

I would love hear from anyone about him or their experiences with either store.

Larry Corbett

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