NorCal Albertsons/PayLess combos


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Post by storewanderer » 31 Oct 2006 17:52

If you turn right onto San Juan from Winding (at the odd Valero Arco station that accepts credit cards), you will hit another stoplight maybe 1/2 mile away on San Juan, turn left there, and that is a continuation of Winding which dumps out onto Sunrise.

This confused me too the first time I was trying to access the Carmichael Lucky/Sav-On combo via Sunrise and was told to "take Winding and you'll see us."

The store in question was most recently something called Scandanivian (sp) Designs. There is also a post office next to it, and a Taco Bell/Pizza Hut combo (looks recently constructed) out front.
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Post by Paper or Plastic » 02 Nov 2006 15:01

So it was a Lucky's or an Albertsons ??

I live off Winding Way, a stop light West from San Juan. I have used the gym( Fitness 19) in the Scandivavian Designs lot. I have asked two long time Sacramento denziens ( Wifes family) and they could not remember what was there, I assume it wasn't a grocery store for long.

I would like to see old photos of it.

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Re: Livermore, Calif.-Albertson's/Pay Less Drug combo.

Post by tkaye » 10 Nov 2006 01:08

Jason B. wrote:The old Pay Less (at Chestnut/P) was previously a "Value Giant" store.
Value Giant was a chain of discount stores formerly owned by Castle & Cooke (parent company of Dole fruit) that PayLess bought out. By the time this happened in the early '80s, the separate California and Oregon based chains were consolidated. Before purchasing Value Giant, PayLess Northwest operated discount stores in the Seattle area under the House of Values banner. These stores were converted either to Value Giant or PayLess locations, with the Value Giant name itself gone by 1989 or so.
TheQuestioner wrote:Was the Payless drug chain that teamed up with Albertsons the California chain or the Pacific Northwest chain? I know there were two Payless chains that eventually merged before being absorbed by Rite-Aid.
I guess it would depend on when the stores opened, but I'm pretty sure that the California PayLess operation was bought out by the Oregon chain in the early to mid-'80s. Kmart was actually the parent company of PayLess Northwest at that time before spinning it off. As we've gone over on the board before, there actually were at least four PayLess chains, the two we've been talking about, as well as a small chain of about five stores that operated out of Tacoma and Bremerton, Wash. and another chain called Skaggs PayLess that was in Eastern Washington. The Tacoma and Bremerton PayLess stores became part of PayLess Northwest around 1989 or 1990.

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Post by reymann » 31 Dec 2006 17:01

There was an Albertsons/Pay Less combo at Blackstone & Barstow in Fresno according to old Fresno Bees in the '70s I looked up.

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Post by Daniel » 01 Jan 2007 05:35

That must've been mid-block between Shaw and Barstow. I know where the Payless was -- that building is now a Mor Furniture. (That Payless had a very odd layout, where you entered through the garden center and then through another set of doors to the main store) I'm unsure where in the plaza the Albertsons was -- it had to have been either in the space occupied by Ross or the space that was later Pistol Pete's Pizza.

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Re: NorCal Albertsons/PayLess combos

Post by Buckethead » 16 Dec 2011 22:33

Turlock had an Albertsons/Payless in the 80s. When the Albertsons went under in the early 00s it almost killed the entire shopping center. Almost half the stores went under. A 99 cent store opened there a few years ago but the area never fully recovered.

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