Vons stores with old interiors


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Re: Vons stores with old interiors

Post by Dean » 10 Aug 2011 12:45

OldBlueValiant wrote:Yes quite a few Vons stores still have the old interiors, here in Simi Valley the huge Vons on Cochran and Erringer (former GEMCO) still has the original interior from '93. On the other hand, what's odd is that the Vons in Ojai got the new lifestyle trim but still has older lighting. This was a former Safeway which opened in '60.
Yup. Knew immediately that the Ojai site had to have been a Safeway. Not a Marina, yet the tall peaked ceiling. Seems similar to the Brea Vons, which had also been Safeway.

Nice site...indeed Lifestyled. Obviously it does well enough in the unique location!

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