Raley's Cafeteria?


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Raley's Cafeteria?

Post by Dave » 13 Nov 2007 07:11

Did Raley's ever operate cafeterias, either in conjunction with their stores or as stand-alones? Trying to identify a piece of restaurant china:

http://www.restaurantwarecollectors.com ... php?t=6702

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Post by Groceteria » 13 Nov 2007 10:12

The Raley's Cafeteria mentioned on the other board (at Stockton Boulevard and Bond Road in Elk Grove CA) was the site of a Raley's Miracle Mart, which was Raley's attempt at a big box discount/superstore in the early 1960s. My guess is that the cafeteria was in the store or directly adjacent.

BTW, there's still a Raley's at that site.

Whether the plate is from that Raley's is anybody's guess, but I have a suspicion that it isn't; the logo is too different. Could be, though, that another Raley family member opened the cafeteria as part of the shopping center. That happened in the south, with the Ketner family (later of Food Lion fame), although I don't think the Ketner's cafeteria was open at the same time as any actual Ketner's stores.

But I suspect it's just from an unrelated Raley's cafeteria somewhere else.

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