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historic photos Alaska grocery stores

Posted: 22 Aug 2012 01:12
by hornblwr
Here are a few historic photos of Alaska grocery stores from digital archives:

Spenard (Anchorage) Piggly Wiggly interior, 1950's: ... g2/id/4459
Spenard Piggly Wiggly exterior, Feb. 9, 1957: ... g2/id/4518
Spenard Piggly Wiggly location today (same building?)(Google)
The Spenard Chamber of Commerce website claims at one time the Piggly Wiggly location was occupied by Safeway. I doubt it was, because Alaska's first Safeway opened at the Northern Lights Center 2 blocks away in 1960.

Downtown Anchorage Piggly Wiggly, 1947:

Carrs Quality Center, 13th & Gambell, Anchorage, 1969 (site labels it as the Kenai store. Store architecture, one way street & bldg in background strongly suggest it's the 13th & Gambell location in Anchorage): ... g2/id/7947

13th & Gambell Carrs store today