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Marina style former Safeway in Los Alamos, NM

Posted: 28 Feb 2010 16:52
by army.arch
Stumbled upon this former Marina style Safeway in a Los Alamos, NM shopping center. The exterior has been heavily modified, but the interior is fairly intact except for the glue-lams painted white. It's now Metzger's Hardware Store.

Re: Marina style former Safeway in Los Alamos, NM

Posted: 28 Feb 2010 21:51
by Brian Lutz
Whoa, blast from the past there. I spent most of the first sixteen years of my life in Los Alamos (from roughly 1980-1994) and don't remember this place as being anything besides Metzger's Hardware (it was a True Value when I lived there though.) There was a Safeway in Los Alamos in the Mari-Mac Shopping Center a few blocks away for a number of years until Safeway left the area, at which point that store became a Furrs Grocery (a mostly Texas-based chain which is now defunct.) My Mom got a leg injury from a slip-and-fall in that store, so we hardly ever shopped there, preferring the Smith's in White Rock instead. Eventually that store became a Smith's also, and as far as I know, it's now the only grocery store in Los Alamos (the other one, an independent store called Ed's Food Market, closed a few years ago. Walmart has been trying to get into LA for years now, but hasn't made it yet.)

As for the exterior, If I had to guess I'd say that part happened sometime in the late Eighties when they added the overhangs to the walkways for the whole shopping center.