Favorite old grocery commercials

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Favorite old grocery commercials

Post by pseudo3d » 16 Dec 2016 16:41

I've always liked old supermarket commercials, which prominently featured the store and its prices. For some reason, modern commercials don't show the interiors of stores anymore.

Here are my top five (in no particular order)

1988 - Great Scott!
This Detroit supermarket chain's commercial is surprisingly upbeat. Great Scott! would disappear within a few years when the parent company Meadowdale Foods (spun off from Vons, yes, Vons) sold its stores to Kroger.

1993 - Schwegmann
One of the few grocery stores that went out of business totally, Schwegmann had massive 100k square feet stores years before everyone else did, with the stores disappearing in 1999 stemming from an ill-advised buyout of National's New Orleans division.

1999 - A&P
This 1999 A&P commercial is from better days when A&P appeared to be on the upswing with new stores.

1973 - Dominick's
Destroyed under Safeway's control (closing 2013), I love this commercial for its old interiors and that crazy Chicago accent, like DAW-minick's.

1985 - Albertsons
Albertsons' Dallas debut brings lower prices than everybody else! If only they still did today. This is the only extant name in my list...

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Re: Favorite old grocery commercials

Post by Andrew T. » 19 Dec 2016 21:36

I mentally associate grocery-store television advertising with Kroger spots with cheesy jingles and animated scissors cutting everywhere, and local ads with abysmal production values.

I rather like this rather strange combined Farmer Jack/A&P commercial from 1992 at the 1:30 mark, with the different banners dramatized through trucks (that exchange trailers partway through the ad!) This aired three years after the acquisition, so A&P was obviously taking its time consolidating its Michigan operations together.
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