A&P, 1999

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A&P, 1999

Post by pseudo3d » 17 Nov 2015 11:59

Obviously, A&P tried several concepts before its demise, but I'm curious about the c. 1999 A&P as seen here. I'm not sure if A&P had variants of this for its other markets (Kohl's Food, Sav-a-Center NOLA, Farmer Jack) but I'm kind of curious to see how this store type was. The commercial didn't show much of an interior, but it looked like it carried a greater collection of sundries and international foods, and had a menu for "Carryout Cuisine". Given that this was probably the last new A&P model before the "Fresh" remodels, the Pathmark acquisition, and shuttering all but the Northeastern stores, surely this model has a place in A&P history, right? How was it?

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Re: A&P, 1999

Post by wnetmacman » 17 Nov 2015 18:36

There were a couple of these built in the New Orleans area as Sav-A-Center stores. I'm pretty sure it was used throughout their different areas. I've also seen this design with SuperFresh and Farmer Jack logos on it.
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Re: A&P, 1999

Post by submariner » 18 Nov 2015 00:16

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Re: A&P, 1999

Post by dominion301 » 03 Jun 2016 14:54

Those 'Fast Lane' signs were used in A&Ps Canadian stores in the same era, except they were red & white. My store had them. However, no Canadian stores ever looked like the photos above, but that was also shortly before the US side of the business started adopting more Canadian A&P practices, such as the Canadian 'We're Fresh Obsessed' slogan.

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