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Re: Defunct grocery chains you personally shopped at

Posted: 26 Oct 2015 15:49
by TheStranger
I guess fresh&easy will soon be on this list as well...I went to the now-closed location on Silver Avenue in San Francisco (I think the only remaining location in SF is at the former Albertsons at Clement/32nd on what had been a Safeway from the 1950s to 1995)

Re: Defunct grocery chains you personally shopped at

Posted: 29 Nov 2016 23:55
by Ohio Man
Ohio Man wrote:Ones you browsed in without buying are OK as well. Memory exercises like this are not only fun but remind me of places I've traveled in the past. Also, any lists serve to shed some light on supermarket history.

My List:

-Albers (Portsmouth, Ohio)

-Schwegmann (New Orleans)

-Canal Villere (New Orleans)

-Van Leunens (Cincinnati area)

Defunct regional chain based in Cincinnati. Most locations were
general merchandise discount department stores, but some had
full service supermarkets.

-National (St. Louis)

-Kwik Chek (Miami, Florida area)

By the time I shopped there, pretty much Tweededum to Winn Dixie's

-Pantry Pride (Vero Beach, Florida)

Food Fair's (the old one, not the newer chain with the same name)
discount grocery operation, if memory serves.

-Big Bear (Columbus, Ohio)

-Hart's Family Center (Portsmouth, Ohio area)

Owned by Big Bear, much like Van Leunens: discount department
store with full supermarket attached

-Super Duper (Columbus, Ohio)

-Thriftway (Cincinnati area)

Long time regional chain based in Cincinnati, owned by Winn Dixie at
the time of its demise in 2004-2005.

-Thorofare (Greater Cincinnati area)

-LoBills (Cincinnati area)

Discount grocery brand of Indianpolis-based Marsh. All existing
locations appear to have been converted to Marsh Hometown

-Stevens (Miam, Florida area)

Interesting case here. In the Miami area in the late 60s, and
perhaps into the early 70s, the papers would run joint ads for
Grand Union, Grand Way (supermarket in addition to general
merchandise), and Stevens--I guess Grand Union owned all three.
I remember my father buying a Christmas tree at Stevens during
a holiday visit to my grandmother in Miami.

On edit:
A&P (New Orleans and various locations in Ohio)
Pathmark (New Monmouth, New Jersey or close by)
Super Fresh (Ocean City, Maryland)


I've added A&P, Pathmark and Super Fresh to my initial post.

It's sad to realize there're no more A&P stores. I'm old enough to remember when they were all over the US, though the decline was in effect even then. Even now, when I travel, former A&Ps, whether repurposed or shuttered, are all over the place, especially the ones with the weather vanes. The dry cleaner I go to is in part of a former "weather vane" A&P near my home.

Re: Defunct grocery chains you personally shopped at

Posted: 11 Sep 2017 21:38
by Ohio Man
I've added the following to my initial post, all of which I shopped at in the Cincinnati, Ohio area:

Marsh Hometown Market
MainStreet Market

All of these were various banners of Marsh, which regrettably went out of business recently. The sale to Sun Capital was a really bad idea in the long run. Marsh certainly was innovative in a lot of ways, with the first bar code scanner, and had customer loyalty cards and linked credit cards before a lot of other chains. And the LoBill Foods concept was, IMHO, really good in terms of a discount grocer--I didn't feel like I was shopping in a warehouse or factory, and there were good buys to be had. RIP, Marsh.

Re: Defunct grocery chains you personally shopped at

Posted: 29 Sep 2017 21:43
by Ohio Man
I've added Dominick's (suburban Chicago) to my initial post.

The one and only time I was in Dominick's was in 2007. The store seemed pretty busy. The produce looked good and was nicely displayed. Other than that, I don't remember much about it as we didn't spend much time there--just went in to pick up a couple of items.

Re: Defunct grocery chains you personally shopped at

Posted: 11 Oct 2017 20:18
by turbocsx
grand union
pantry pride

Re: Defunct grocery chains you personally shopped at

Posted: 24 Jan 2019 15:13
by Ohio Man
I have edited my original post in this thread to add the following:

Grand Union (New Monmouth, New Jersey area)

A few years ago, some folks listed Grand Union as defunct on the basis it wasn't the same company after the C&S purchase. My response at the time was that I considered that a judgment call and that I wasn't listing it myself even though I shopped in at least one location prior to the C&S purchase.

It's a moot point now since Tops Friendly Markets purchased the remaining Grand Union stores and converted all of them to the Tops banner by sometime in 2013. So I'm adding Grand Union to my list now.

It's kind of sad to see a lot of the formerly big chains go out of business. I remember seeing Grand Union stores all over the place in the Miami area when I was there on vacations as a kid, although the only one I specifically remember shopping in was in New Jersey years later as an adult.

Re: Defunct grocery chains you personally shopped at

Posted: 25 Jan 2019 09:12
by Steve Landry
The nicest Grand Union (actually a large Grand Way) was on S.W 40 St. and S.W. 87 Av. in Miami.

Grand Union's combo stores.