Bulk Food Warehouse

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Bulk Food Warehouse

Post by buckhead » 25 Feb 2009 21:43

I remember this operation from back in the 80s. There were a few stores in Central Florida, but I also know they were found elsewhere in the USA and possibly Canada. Typically they were small storefronts within a strip shopping center, smaller than most new build Aldi stores. The ones I saw had all sorts of things in bulk, e.g., cookies, spices, herbs, flour, corn meal, oils, vinegar, honey, candy, raw grains, cereal, pet food, snack chips, nuts, peanut butter, etc., pretty much along the lines of bulk food sections still remaining in some grocery chains today but much more extensive in terms of variety. The stores filled a niche for a while, but when the economy improved in the 80s they died off. It was a franchise concept, but I have not idea of anything about the history and geographic extent of operations. I at one times had one of their cookbooks that gave recipes for using ingredients they sold, but can't locate it.

Currently there are serveral retailers operating under the name in Michigan and Ontario, but I'm not sure if they are related to the stores I recall from the 80s.

Does anyone know anything about the history of this operation?

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