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Re: Vintage Supermarket Commercials I'd Love to See on YouTube

Posted: 05 Jan 2008 20:59
by Jason B.
A 1985 Safeway commercial ("Work an Honest Day/Want an Honest Deal") is now posted on YouTube. It aired on WFAA-TV (channel 8) in Dallas, Texas in November 1985:
It begins at 1:47.

Another advertisement from the "Work an Honest Day" series ran on an Oklahoma City TV station in 1986:

Yet another ad from the "Work an Honest Day" series -- from 1987 (different musicial rendition and less slick):

This one is from 1984 and apparently pre-dates the "Work an Honest Day" series -- less slick. From a Shreveport, Louisiana TV station. Includes sung line at end: "Safeway - America's Favorite Food Store."


Posted: 21 Jul 2009 15:09
by Dean
Dean wrote:I'd love to see/hear:

Alpha Beta
What seemed like the Alpha Beta chorus singing, "Be a Friend. Tell a Friend! You should shop, Alpha Beta!"

**Would also be funny to see clips of THREE'S COMPANY...did they ever use Alpha Beta products in the kitchen? As Alan Hamel's wife is Suzanne Somers! Did they feel the "pressure" to use ABs products?!

Almost chanting, "VONS double the difference offer, is your guarantee, of VONS low prices!" and then a lady replies, "and that I'd like to see!" I think SHE then gets in or out of a HUGE grocery cart!
"At VONS we keep you coming back for more! VONS is the more store!"
Found one of the VONS commercials. Still not the one when the lady is in the HUGE cart. Isn't the lady in this commercial ELLEN TRAVOLTA, John's sister, and on Happy Days, Chachi's mother?! ... re=related

Also, MPG: ... re=related

Re: Vintage Supermarket Commercials I'd Love to See on YouTube

Posted: 25 Jun 2016 08:13
by Jason B.
Here's a 1982 Lucky supermarket television commercial:

The best part is the sung slogan at the end: "Getting back to basics. That's basic. That's Lucky."

This was a classic tagline on California television in the early 1980s.

Re: Vintage Supermarket Commercials I'd Love to See on YouTube

Posted: 26 Jun 2016 15:48
by rvwalton
For those of you who hail from Chicago, here are a couple of Jewel and Dominick's commercials. The Jewel commercials feature their various jingles. The Dominick's commercials feature local TV personality Elaine Mulqueen. I love the one where she says "and for fresh squid!"

"Come to Jewel for the quality, you'll come back for the price - 1932 - 1980 logo"

"Take a new look..."

Elaine Mulqueen #1