A&P "Centennial" Stores Still Housing Supermar

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A&P "Centennial" Stores Still Housing Supermar

Post by Groceteria » 07 Feb 2007 01:38

For those of you who aren't aware, this is an example of the A&P "Centennial" prototype:


I'm curious as to how many "Centennials" are still operating as supermarkets. I think the number will be surprisingly high. I'd especially be interested in hearing about any that are still functioning as A&P stores.

A few I know that are still in the grocery business:

-- Charlotte NC (1600 W. Trade): Independent.
-- Charlotte NC (3330 The Plaza): Independent.
-- High Point NC (200 N. Centennial): Independent.
-- Hartsville SC (W. Carolina Ave.?): IGA
-- Charleston SC (1133 Savannah Hwy.): Doscher's
-- Towson MD (832 Dulaney Calley): Superfresh (A&P).
-- Columbus OH (North High Street): Jubilee Foods.

Anyone care to add to the list?

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Post by Dave » 07 Feb 2007 08:03

There are at least three in Richmond; all have been altered to some degree:

1527 Parham Road (Ridge S.C.) - The Fresh Market

441 E. Belt Boulevard (Circle S.C.) - Save-A-Lot

2 N. Thompson Street (Richmond S.C.) - Ellwood Thompson's Natural Market

The Thompson Street location was opened in 1959 and was the first Centennial in Richmond.

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Post by rich » 08 Feb 2007 02:19

There's a Kosher supermarket (Kosher Mart, I believe is the current name; formerly it was Katz), on Boiling Brook Road in Rockville, MD.

There are several old colonials operating as Super Fresh in the DC area. One is at Yuma Ave, NW & Massachusetts Ave.

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Post by TenPoundHammer » 08 Feb 2007 09:29

There's a Centennial in West Branch, MI that, I believe, is now split among Save-a-Lot, Family Video, and Hungry Howie's Pizza.

Another in Alpena, MI was later a supermarket called "Ripley Street Station", which has now been closed for about five years. It was right next to a Tempo discount store (later Fisher's Big Wheel, now Dollar Tree and Tractor Supply Company).

Edric Floyd
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Post by Edric Floyd » 08 Feb 2007 18:53

The ONLY one I know of in Central or South Georgia is the Brumby Foods store in the small town of Dawson Georgia.

All other such buildings (which I have posted extensively on this site) are not operating as grocery stores

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Post by krogerclerk » 09 Feb 2007 22:33

The only locations I can think that are still grocery stores is Earl's SuperValu in Athens, TN which is in a mid- or late-60's construct with a former Kuhn's Big K/Wal-Mart. It was the last A&P built in the Chattanooga area, and closed by the late 70's. It is also the closest centennial design to Chattanooga, though two in Rome, GA, one in Cartersville, GA, one in Scottsboro, AL and a pseudo-centennial in Fort Payne, AL are not much further away, but they are not used as grocery stores. A number of independents have used the store over the years and it may be another banner by now or between tenants. A&P closed its final three stores in Chattanooga in 1972, they were pre-centennial 1950's constructs.

Also, one of the last A&P's to close in North Carolina, Bryson City, is an independent. Murphy closed a few years earlier and is also an independent grocer. I'm not sure of the fate of the centennial in downtown Franklin, it closed about a year before the Bryson City store and was vacant at first.
Several centennial A&P's in the Atlanta area are gyms, fabric stores, dollar stores, auto parts stores and hardware stores, but no grocery stores. The last remaining centennial stores were hidden behind false facades usually from late 70's or early 80's remodels. The West Paces Ferry store on Northside Dr was one that closed with the Atlanta operations in 1999, but Publix did a rebuild to the store. A&P itself had rebuilt the Cherokee Plaza store a couple of years before closing in Atlanta, and the new build is now a Kroger.

The Turner McCall Rome site is so heavily redone, its not an obvious centennial without close inspection and may soon be leveled it plans for a new shopping/dining center go through. There are numerous examples of former centennials, though finding one as a functioning grocery store is rare. I've not even seen a centennial used as a Big Lots, probably testimony to most having closed before Big Lots expanded. Fortunately the style is easily recognizable, but often too small for a modern grocery store. I can't even think of an ethnic supermarket in a former centennial.

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Post by wnetmacman » 09 Feb 2007 23:34

New Iberia, LA: Simoneaud's on Admiral Doyle Dr. This store was expanded before A&P left, mainly to the left of the store, but is still open. Strangely, Simoneaud's other location in New Iberia is in an abandoned Kroger Family Center (using only half of the store; the other half is a bowling alley now.)
Scott Greer

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Post by Swifty » 10 Feb 2007 09:52

The Charleston, SC location has actually been remodeled and expanded. Fortunately, it still looks like an old Centennial store, just with gray stucco instead of brick. It even has a small bit of '80s A&P decor in it. (in red letters, it says 'The Butcher Shop' above the meat department).

Doschers has one other location in the Charleston area - in the only other former A&P location I know of. Alas, it's not a centennial. I've been meaning to check it out and see the decor in it. I'm itching to get my grubby paws on some photos of old A&P interiors.

I really don't know of any other centennials in SC that are still grocery stores. In this day and age of 60,000 sq. ft. supermarkets, the centennial design is woefully obsolete.

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Post by BillyGr » 10 Feb 2007 22:40

There is a SuperFresh in Newark (DE) in one - they added a strange looking green strip the length of the roof for the name, but otherwise it still lookssimilar.

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Post by jimbobga » 11 Feb 2007 00:17

The Centennial store in downtown Fairburn, Georgia, remained an A&P until the chain exited the Atlanta area in 1999. Still in use as a grocery store, the building is now part of the Food Depot / Quality Foods chain, which has stores from the northwest Atlanta ex-urban area south to Fort Valley.

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Others in the District of Columbia and Maryland suburbs

Post by weo » 21 Mar 2007 15:09

Takoma Park, (New Hamsphire Av) now an Aldi's

Georgia Av, Wheaton, now an "Hmart" Asian supermarket.

The 48th and Yuma St. SuperFresh. Again, the front has been altered, but it is a 1959 Centenial store.

Also one in Rockville, MD, is a Kosher Food Store.

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Post by Groceteria » 12 Apr 2007 10:10

Photo sent to me via email from a Michael Williams today. This centennial store in Morristown NJ (presumably at 110 Washington Street) is not only still a supermarket, but still an A&P:


TW-Upstate NY
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Post by TW-Upstate NY » 13 Apr 2007 19:44

The A+P website lists a store at that address. It also did not list the location as offering a pharmacy and/or a bank and judging by the size of the building, there likely isn't any room for either. Did notice the coupola with the weathervane on top of the roof was missing. Looks like it may have been removed during a facelift at one time or another. I hope to be in that area next weekend and this just might be worth a look if I have time.

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Post by Groceteria » 13 Apr 2007 21:05

TW-Upstate NY wrote:I hope to be in that area next weekend and this just might be worth a look if I have time.
Cool. I'd love to see if anything vaguely original survives inside, although I imagine nothing does.

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Post by Jared » 30 Apr 2007 21:49

Port Jeff NY It's also operating as a "Best Yet" Supermarket. It looks exactly the same as the picture in the first post.

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