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Columbus OH: 1101 North High Street

Posted: 31 May 2006 20:19
by Groceteria
Any ideas on this one? I was first inclined to guess Kroger, but the sign doesn't seem quite right.


Posted: 03 Jun 2006 19:56
by rich
The sign is too squarish to be from the "blue rectangle" period of Kroger. More likely a Big Bear. Also could have been an Albers/Colonial---they had a store in roughly that area until about 1970--easy to picture "Albers" in block letters below the CS-rooster.

Posted: 26 Jun 2006 22:54
by robsster
Binky tells me this was a Cardinal Foods. I'm surprised there are no photos of the Colonial A&P Sheet Music Store on Mound.

Posted: 05 Jun 2007 23:30
by Toby Radloff
Cardinal Food Stores once had a wholesale-only operation (not open to the public) at that location prior to Family Dollar. Cardinal Food Stores, I think, is a co-op of independent supermarkets. Also, across the street is a fairly large, square building with rounded corners that was a 1940's-era Kroger. The building has a tower in the middle. I remember seeing a photograph of this store on some website (don't remember if it was Groceteria) as a Kroger. I think the building is office space today.

Posted: 28 Jul 2007 22:11
by dirtyharry667
It was a Big Bear through the 1980's then a Cardinal.