Warehouse Market

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Warehouse Market

Post by 47of74 » 23 May 2013 19:47

Here in Dubuque we used to have a grocery store called Warehouse Market. My mom, grandma, and her sisters used to shop there a lot. The highlight for me was the big wooden flatbed carts. For mom and the adults it was probably the wax pencil to mark the price on your their own groceries.

The store closed in the mid 80s. The building was later home to a Rex TV and Electronics store before they moved to a new location. The building was divided in two, one part was turned into Staples and the other half had a Factory Card Outlet, which became a Party City earlier this year.

Does the Warehouse Market I'm describing sound familiar to anyone else? Anyone know of any other locations where the Warehouse Market would have been operating?

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Re: Warehouse Market

Post by emiliuden » 04 Jul 2013 01:51

I know one warehouse market near Oklahoma City.The location near that market is very nice and this is the main reason I love to go there.

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