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Posted: 04 Apr 2012 08:54
by werememberretail
I was reading an old Company History of the old wholsealer Wetterau Inc. (now part of Supervalu) and it had mentioned a grocery chain it bought named Milgram Foods. Anyone remember or have any info or memories on this chain that operated in the Kansas City area, and when did it go out of business?


Re: Milgram/SaveMart

Posted: 09 Apr 2012 17:06
by mesly33
I found this on a website (;
Milgram Food Stores, Inc. began in 1913 with one store owned by Nat Milgram. After fifteen years under his ownership and the management of three brothers and five brothers-in-law, Kroger Company purchased Milgram’s thirty-seven stores in 1928. In January 1932, Milgram Food Stores, Inc. was organized by Nat Milgram, who served as president and carried the active management of the company until his death in January, 1958. His son, Lester, then became president and continued Milgram’s traditions of involvement in community affairs.

Milgram’s continued under family ownership and management until 1984, when Wetterau acquired Milgram Food Stores. Save Mart Foods was the subsidiary created to oversee operations of Milgram’s and Save Mart stores. Over the next several years, the stores were closed.