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Janesville, WI and Green Bay, WI former Kohl's

Posted: 08 Oct 2009 23:43
by justin karimzad
These former arch-roofed Kohl's are now occupied by Big Lots;

1714 Milton Ave. Janesville ... 87.09,,0,5 ... iglots.jpg

1177 Lombardi Access Rd. Green Bay ... 21.24,,0,5

Re: Janesville, WI and Green Bay, WI former Kohl's

Posted: 02 Dec 2009 22:31
by Andrew T.
Since moving to Wisconsin, I've enjoyed looking for old Kohl's food stores: These are some of the most distinctive and attractive supermarket buildings around! Here are a few I've documented so far:

Image Image Image
(L to R: Lombardi Ave., Green Bay, WI; Main St., Green Bay, WI; W. College Ave., Appleton, WI)

The arch design is similar to that used by a few other chains like Safeway and (especially) Penn Fruit; though AFAIK Kohl's design was unique in its trade area. These stores have a few other distinctive features as well; such as the cluster of tall vertical windows towards the left side of the facade and (usually) curved supports extending from the canopy to the ground.


The Lombardi Ave store is a particularly nice example, since Big Lots moved in and left the original floor tiles and large swaths of decor intact. (Note the clock on the back wall!) The lighting isn't original (apparently, the blue and orange rods used to support barrel-style fixtures in the same colors), but still it left quite a bit of impact...