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3407 Payne Ave. Cleveland, OH

Posted: 10 Nov 2007 01:55
by Daniel
Was this a grocery? It kind of looks like one and I know Family Dollar moves into a lot of old grocery properties...


Posted: 10 Nov 2007 11:21
by krogerclerk
Down south, Family Dollar has many freestanding locations with that particular look. Many were purpose built as Family Dollar, but several locations are converted. It doesn't look older than 30-35 years, which as a supermarket would be rather small and the parking would be small (but widea0, rarely did chains build stores that small after the mid-60's. It could have been a hardware store, autoparts stores, convenience store "mom-and-pop" superette, or similar type store. If the store is deeper than the typical store of its width, a supermarket would not be out of the question.

Posted: 10 Nov 2007 12:02
by rich
The only super I can think of in that area is the original Dave's which I think is still in an expanded version of its original location. That area is a funny mix of warehouses of varying size, residential streets, and small machine shop/industrial uses. Not a big population, but its concentrated and the non-residential uses isolate it from some other concentrations of homes. I've done some detailed trips there in the past when researching family history. I think Dave's has been the only super there for many years. The area also has never attracted chain drug stores.

Payne was developed in the very early 20th century and its unusual to find a front parking lot there. It could have been a convenience store (it looks a little 7-11ish and they build larger stores than were common in Cleveland during their brief stint there in the late 70s). I've seen dollar stores that were in old convenience stores--a couple in Atlanta. for example. Otherwise, it might have been original construction.

Posted: 10 Nov 2007 17:54
by Daniel
Actually, that wall on the left is Dave's! The facade of the Dave's store has been renovated very recently so I thought the store was much newer than it really is.

Posted: 11 Nov 2007 11:36
by Toby Radloff
This was built from the ground up as a Family Dollar several years ago. I think a couple of older store fronts were torn down to make way for this.