Royal Blue

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Royal Blue

Post by LadyNoir » 07 Jun 2007 16:23

Hello, all. I am first time poster although I have been visiting this site every so often for the last two years. I am from Chicago and have seen many different chains of supermarkets in old newspaper archives some of which have mysteries surrounding them or seemingly very hard history to find.

I was wondering if anyone knew anything about Royal Blue they were a co-op of independant grocery stores (I believe) that ranged from small corner stores (my husband grew up down the block from one on Madison and Ada) to, according to an old Tribune article, larger prototypes in the late fifties. Apparantly sometime in the 1950s Colsolidated Food Corp bought them and operated them for a while but then all info on it just disappears after that. What I do know is that Consolidated eventually became Sara Lee Corp.

If anyone can shed light on the history of just Royal Blue I would be greatly appreciated whether that means they were here in IL or in other states.

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