New location list: New Haven CT, 1925-1978

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New location list: New Haven CT, 1925-1978

Post by Groceteria » 28 Aug 2016 21:19

For your enjoyment: ... 1925-1978/

The level of disinvestment is really pretty staggering starting in the early 1960s. I'm not sure I've seen an area that lost so much chain penetration quite so early.

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Re: New location list: New Haven CT, 1925-1978

Post by rich » 30 Aug 2016 20:26

A few thoughts---New Haven was one of the more disproportionately successful cities in receiving federal urban renewal funds and they ripped entire, often viable neighborhoods for freeways and other projects which would have accelerated the departure of smaller, older locations but didn't really create prime space for new stores. New Haven also would have reflected the downward slope of First National Stores which apparently never was as dominant there as in some other places like Hartford. The New Haven area would have been something of a "frontier" for Grand Union and Food Fair. Grand Union sold their stores in Hartford and New Haven to Food Mart/Waldbaum's in the 70s, although they oddly kept some stores in between the cities. I think Food Fair was a short timer and may have sold stores to Grand Union.

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