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Posted: 09 Jun 2006 19:05
by Barcelos
The neighborhood grocery store I always went to as a kid with my parents was the Barcelos in Andover, MA. (Hence my nick). They closed it around 1988 or 1989. There were two other locations in Lawrence (more like a conveniene store) and Methuen (more like a regular grocery store). My family moved from the area a couple years later (without a new tenant in the Andover location) and I lost track of what happened with the other locations. The yellow pages seem to indicate there is one in Lawrence but the listed phone number is disconnected. I've seen few posts from people in New England but has anyone else heard of Barcelos and know what became of the other sites? (I've been told the Andover one was taken over by CVS but I'm not certain)

As an aside, you really can find people with every like interest on the net. Can't believe there is a whole site and forum on old grocery store chains which for some reason interest me. Maybe too much nostalgia.

Re: Barcelos

Posted: 26 Jun 2009 18:27
by Barcelos
It appears that the Andover CVS is the site of the former Barcelos Market. A Walgreens now occupies the Barcelos Market in Methuen on Jackson Street. I take it there is nobody else from the region on Groceteria?