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Here Are Some Centennials As They Were

Posted: 25 Apr 2009 19:10
by working
Here are some pictures of Black and White

Centennials as they once were.

Tell me what you think.

Did only one show up?

Re: Here Are Aome Centennials As They Were

Posted: 25 Apr 2009 21:42
by Lenny
Very nice pics. Any idea where the stores are from? Too bad you didn't have one of the sign in front of that first store.

Re: Here Are A Few More Centennials.

Posted: 26 Apr 2009 00:05
by working
Here are a few more.

Re: Here Are Some Centennials As They Were

Posted: 20 Oct 2009 01:24
by Mr. Shopper

I'm sitting here feeling a little down. I logged in. Thinking I'd see the same stuff. I feel like crying. I'm 50 I grew up in Rockland County. When I saw this pic of Park Ridge. I got so emotional. I've been on this board for three yrs. Where in god's name. Did you get this pick. I'm awestruck. I was born in Spring Valley in 1959. I assume this pic is from '59. The buick special station wagon is a '56. So I guess with the sawhorses. This is either right before or after the store opened. Do you have any pics from the Daitch Shopwell or the AP that was on Maple Ave in Spring Valley. This just proves these photos do exist. You made my day and week and month, God bless you.
I know I sound a little nutty. When you grew up. like I did in Spring Valley. That was our life back then. AP, Korvettes, Grants, Grand Way. Mom took us shopping. My brother and I thought we were at Disneyworld. The kids today would think we're nuts. The Nanuet Korvettes had big elaborate displays all yearlong. Keep the pics coming. When I didn't get much response from my posts. I lost interest. Now you come along. I'm hoping through old pics. We can piece together Rockland/Bergen during the '50's '60's heyday. Once again a heartfelt thanks. You don't know what that old black and white meant to me. One last thing when I was a kid around 1969 1970. Valley Fair was I believe a little farther down the road from this AP. We went there on Sun. It had a great basement. Is the Hillsdale shop Rite the former Valley Fair. My mom says it was up as far back as 1960. Anyone have any info or pics. Also the Kmart in Paramus was Grand Way.

Re: Here Are Some Centennials As They Were

Posted: 20 Oct 2009 17:26
by maynesG
Hi,yes, the ShopRite in Hilsdale N.J. was a Valley Fair! Do you remember the Finast in PearlRiver or the Foodtown on Kinderkermack Road I'm Montvale(It use to be and Acme} I grew up in Bergen county and Rockland Couinty as a kid. My dad ran both those stores.

Re: Here Are Some Centennials As They Were

Posted: 05 Nov 2009 23:55
by Mr. Shopper

Where in Rockland did you live. I;m from Spring Valley. Where on Kinderkamack was the Foodtown. What's there now? A lady who came to Pearl River in 1966 said. The Shop Rite on the corner was always there. Across the road was the Finast. Then it became the Empire Tobacco Co in the late '70's.

Re: Here Are Some Centennials As They Were

Posted: 07 Nov 2009 18:44
by maynesG
Hi, In PearlRiver a few blocks south of the Finast on Highview ave. Latter on when I married Garnerville. yes,the ShopRite was a cross the street from
the Finast and thier was a colonial A&P adjacent to the Shop Rite that became the Brown Bell Market.Their also was a Food Fair further up Middletown Road and the original GrandUnion located off the downtown a few blocks north of the police booth.
I also spent time in New Milford and Union Cith andin Harrington park.

Re: Here Are Some Centennials As They Were

Posted: 13 Nov 2009 00:28
by Mr. Shopper
Hi maynesG,

I have alot of questions for you. Now that I've discovered someone from my area. First off how old are you. I'm 50. You must be 60. You have such a clear recollection. Mines fuzzy. Especially Pearl River. First off You said there was an A&P next to Shop Rite Since Shop Rite is on the corner I assume you mean the next lot heading North on Middletown. Now there isn't much of anything there. I usually pass this area on my way to Hillsdale. To my fav Shop Rite former Valley Fair!!!

I'll have to pull in to this lot. Check out the building at one time it was a centenial? Also you said towards Nanuet there was a Food Fair. Do you know where. As far as I know there isn't another market till Rt 59. Where they built the Stop and Shop about 10 yrs ago. Which I can't stand. Also where on Kinderkamack in Montvale was the Foodtown/Acme.. I'm busting with curiosity.

Do you have any memories of the A&P on Maple Av . I know this was a real '50's layout pre Centenial. with sawdust on the floors. I seem to have a vague childhood memory of this. The electric doors faced West on Maple right off Main Street. In fact back in 1958 they had a contest to win a caddy. My mom says my grandmother filled out a lot of cards. Also the Daitch Shopwell was in the same lot. I wonder if any photos of this area exist. I wonder if working has any!!!
We're jewish so we shopped alot at Daitch. Though the A&P came first. I know Shoppers Paradise on 59 opened in 1957. I don't know if they sold groceries. I posted a long time ago. Got a few responses. Then nothing till you and working came. I must have not visited this site for 6 mos. Since those pics were posted back in April. I really appreciate all your info. Was your Dad involved in any of these stores?

About a year ago on Youtube. One night I thought I'd drop dead. They had Betty Furness doing a commercial from a market in Pearl River! Did anyone see this. I'm sorry I didn't save it. She was standing in front of the store. Talking to a housewife with her kids. It looked to be from about 1959!

Re: Here Are A Few More Centennials.

Posted: 15 Nov 2009 22:32
by MikeRa
working wrote:Here are a few more.
The only A&P/superfresh Centennials that I'm aware of that are still used bty a&P are the A&P Food Market in Little Silver, NJ, A&P Food Market in Moorestown, NJ, superfresh in Newark, DE, and superfresh in Washingtron, DC, to name a few.