170 Clay Pond; Borune, MA

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170 Clay Pond; Borune, MA

Post by storewanderer » 21 Nov 2008 05:58

Closed Grand Union. Extensive photos below. Is this a former A&P? Who's interior is this? Extensive photos at auction website. Odd looking interior, lots of white which seems characteristic of A&P, but very odd wall signage. http://www.grafeauction.com/auctions/I'm ... RowCount=4
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Re: 170 Clay Pond; Borune, MA

Post by submariner » 21 Nov 2008 10:33

This is definitely A&P's "Futurestore" interior. The black-and-white "icon" graphics are dead giveaways. So is the red coffee grinder at the checkout.
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Re: 170 Clay Pond; Borune, MA

Post by paul3124 » 21 Nov 2008 15:47

This store on Clay Pond Road in Bourne was built for and opened by A&P in 1993. It was a replacement for the very successful 30 year old Buzzards Bay store. Although the interior decor was the stark black and white like in the Futurestores, this store's signage was A&P Foodmarket. It is about 36,000 square feet, a bit smaller than the Cape's Futurestores. Business was never particularly good at this location and access from busy route 28 was awkward, deterring many elderly drivers, a sizeable population in that community. A&P continued to operate it until the pullout from Massachusetts in 2003. Grand Union ran it for 5 years and recently closed. Interestingly, the exterior of the entire plaza (with only 2 active tenants) received a remodeling. No supermarket company has expressed any interest in this location yet.

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