C-Town Stores Website

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C-Town Stores Website

Post by Groceteria » 04 Jul 2008 09:53

C-Town is apparently a co-op that operates in the environs of New York City, but that's not really important to this topic. What is cool is that (a) most of their stores seem to operate in former chain discards, and (b) their website has pictures of almost all their stores:


Interesting time waster. I identified several that seemed to be pretty obvious former Safeways, Grand Unions, and A&Ps. Someone more familiar with past stores in the area could probably do a much better job than I could.

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Re: C-Town Stores Website

Post by maynesG » 04 Jul 2008 11:45

Hey Thanks for The c Town web site . I found several Finast Stores that I worked in or my dad managed(Yes the former Finasts were all former Safeways).
C town, from my days with Quaker oats was is a banner group of independents sponsored by Krasdale a wholesaler located in the Hunts Point market in the Bronx. Unlike a coop like Wakefirm, the members do not own the warehouse and do not recieve a dividend check at the end of the business year.
They buy their groceries from Krasdale , are presented deal items from the Buying staff and vote on an ad for each week.
I also noticed the former Shopwell Market on Avenue C , were while I was making a sales
call my car was stolen from the front of the store!

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Re: C-Town Stores Website

Post by umtrr-author » 14 Jul 2008 16:48

574 Jersey Avenue, Jersey City, was definitely a Finast-- it's one of the supermarkets my mom took me to when I was a child. Since my mom always called it a "Safeway" I guess that's what it was before Finast (thanks to the Groceteria site, I understand that now!).

764 West Grand Avenue, Rahway (shown "coming soon") was an independent grocer for a long time; I don't recall the exact name but I think it started with an "L". I'm not sure I'd ever been inside it but I had been past it any number of times.

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Re: C-Town Stores Website

Post by Edric Floyd » 04 Aug 2008 12:55

The former Finast in Jackson Heights Queens was a C-Town supermarket in the 1980's.

I mentioned that store in another thread after my road trip to the area last October

http://www.groceteria.com/board/viewtop ... =16&t=2079

I lived in Queens from 1980-1986 and returned to my home of South Florida to find a C-town in a former Food Fair in Miami. that store was closed and it may have been a Hispanic food market after that. That store was on US-441 near what was then called Joe Robbie Stadium (Dolphin stadium, Pro Player field or whatever)

Thanks for posting this site. I have to find time to look at it soon :)

So much work, so little time :(

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